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High-end micro imaging systems and solutions need both excellent software and hardware components. EVIDENT Technology Center Europe GmbH (ETCE) has the experience, the knowledge, the equipment and naturally, the people with their individual skills to develop, produce and manufacture it all. ETCE develop a broad range of effective hardware and software solutions for the overall EVIDENT Micro Imaging business. This includes imaging software and application-oriented imaging solutions for microscopic life science and materials science applications in the field of light and electron microscopy as well as dedicated hardware like CCD and CMOS cameras, TIRF- and FRAP solutions, Realtime-controller, Laser and much more. Furthermore our product portfolio includes complete systems for live cell imaging, cell screening, residue and non-metallic inclusion analysis as well as electron tomography and much more.

For detailed and localized product information we like to refer to the EVIDENT global Websites for Life Sciences and Inspection & Measurement Systems, respectively.

Image Analysis Software

EVIDENT Image Analysis Software designed by ETCE makes EVIDENT Microscopes an effective high performance analysis station. Its well-rounded enable smooth flow of acquiring images, filtering, measurement, documentation and archive.

>>> Life Sciences Imaging Software
>>> Materials Science Imaging Software

Digital Cameras

EVIDENT Digital Cameras designed by ETCE are exclusively designed for Microscopes and become indispensable options nowadays. All cameras are confirmed their best digital imaging performance with EVIDENT Microscopes and Imaging Analysis Software systems.

>>> Cameras for Life Sciences
>>> Cameras for Materials Sciences  

Advanced Imaging Solutions

ETCE also develops dedicated advanced imaging solutions in the field of live cell imaging like TRIF- and FRAP solutions, high content screening or automated filter residue / particle and non-metallic inclusion solution and much more.

>>> Advanced imaging solutions in Life Sciences
>>> Advanced imaging solutions in Materials Sciences