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Field Reports

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The majority of our employees have academic degrees in natural sciences, information sciences or electronic engineering. This guarantees the kind of competence only specialists can provide. We work systematically, scientifically and we work together. We are team players. Yet at the same time we encourage individual initiative, creativity and persistence.

  1. Dr. Matthias Genenger

    • Product Development Life Science Research
  2. Dr. Udo Kolender

    • Team Coordinator Test Center
  3. Frank Wienhausen

    • Hardware Development Life Science Research
  4. Dr. Inge Fromm

    • Product Documentation
  5. Dr. Jörn Kricke

    • Product Development Life Science Research
  6. Sven Thentie

    • Technical Support
  7. Christin Paszkiet

    • Office Administration
  8. Dirk Ströker

    • R&D - Product Development Light Microscopy Cameras