Code of Ethics

Code of Ethics

About Olympus

Our ethical principles

With the introduction of the Code of Ethics & Business Conduct, Olympus Europa created a structure that allows employees to obtain advice or report violations of ethical principles confidentially.

Contact persons

To account for the different needs involved in reporting violations, suggestions for changes to content, or general questions regarding the code of conduct, different contact persons are available to you.

Your immediate supervisor

Your first contact person for reporting violations or for questions regarding the code of conduct is your immediate supervisor

Compliance division

In cases in which the normal official channel through your immediate supervisor does not appear to be appropriate, the applicable compliance division is available to you. Naturally, questions and complaints will be treated with strict confidentiality, if desired. In addition, it is the overall responsibility of the relevant compliance division to introduce and develop the code of conduct. In this capacity, the staff of the compliance division are your contact persons for suggestions for improvement and complaints. They will also assist you with questions about the legal interpretation and practical application of the code of conduct.



In some cases you may wish to report your concerns without revealing your identity to Olympus. The EthicsLine is a confidential service offered by an independent company that is available to you 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.
The EthicsLine is available to all employees and all Olympus business partners that seek assistance with a possible violation of the code of conduct. Every one of your reports will be handled with strict confidence, and your calls cannot be traced. Anyone who contacts the EthicsLine can remain anonymous, unless this is expressly prohibited by law. Your name and other information that can be used to identify you will be forwarded to Olympus or others only with your express consent. All reports that are submitted via the EthicsLine will be taken seriously and investigated thoroughly.

How to reach the EthicsLine

You can contact the EthicsLine in your native language via:

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