Quality management

Quality management

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Products and services of the highest quality

Olympus is known for products and services of the highest quality. To ensure this good reputation for the future as well, Olympus has been working with a quality management system according to international standards since 1997. Since then, this system has been enhanced and improved continuously.

The optimization of the quality standards that we have already achieved forms the basis for all innovations and is important for the fulfillment of customer requirements and the economic success of our company. The optimization of the business processes at all levels is an important milestone for reaching the quality objectives. Process orientation is also an important approach for international quality standards and is therefore essential for all future activities and measures to continuously improve the performance and efficiency of the overall organization.

 Olympus Soft Imaging Solutions GmbH and its subsidiaries are certified according to EN ISO 9001:2015.

The efficiency of the quality management system at Olympus is monitored continuously and tested annually by an independent certification body.