Research, development and production

Research, development and production

OSIS inside

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Research, development and production at Olympus Soft Imaging Solutions (OSIS) cover numerous and various fields in the field of micro imaging. Our scientists and engineers work on hardware and software innovations and solutions that lead us to new applications. Such high-end micro imaging systems and solutions need both excellent software and hardware components. We at OSIS have the competence, the experience, the knowledge, and the people with their individual skills to develop, produce and manufacture it all.
OSIS develops products which reflect a carefully considered balance of customer wishes, the company's own and Olympus' global and comprehensive ideas. The continual expansion of our product portfolio is oriented according to questions of current relevance in industrial and research fields. In particular, this includes solutions for the life sciences, materials sciences, industrial equipment or quality control.

Software development
Using the latest computing technologies, algorithms and methods, OSIS develops imaging software and application-oriented solutions for microscopic applications. The overall platform technologies for all software families make it easy to apply new solutions to all families simultaneously and quickly. Our software development department has highly educated and skillful, creative minds. The entire software development process involves various persons with different focus points. We have application specialists representing domain knowledge, software architects, software developers and testers.
These various roles are described carefully and responsibilities are clearly defined. This is done in alignment with our quality management procedures.

Hardware development
Alongside software development, hardware development is another emphasis. For example, this includes the development and production of digital cameras for use in light microscopy, fluorescence microscopy and electron microscopy, the development and production of special illumination systems like TIRF or FRAP systems, lasers, etc. As with the software, the defining of specifications, development, production and quality control are done by OSIS.

System solutions
Olympus Soft Imaging System stands for competence – on both technical and interpersonal levels. Our overriding goal is system integration – serving to automate and simplify complex workflows. Our product portfolio includes complete systems for live cell imaging, cell screening, residue and non-metallic inclusion analysis as well as electron tomography and much more.

At Olympus Soft Imaging Solutions, professional consultation is a given. Our specialists are glad to be able to make their extensive experience and expertise available. This is part of the solutions we offer within the Olympus Group, ensuring that their own specific needs are met. Any system purchased can be reconfigured at a later point in time to deal with a slightly altered range of tasks. All products are mutually compatible and fine-tuned for use in conjunction with one another.