Produkt Unit Manager

Produkt Unit Manager

Typical Jobs at OSIS

Authority, responsibility and mandate for a specific product section

The Product Unit Manager (PUM) is the head of a section (of the company) which is constituted as a company within the company. The PUM's department comprises a separate area which has its own profit/loss accounts (also referred to as a 'profit center'). The PUM's definitive goal in assuming responsibility for an expandable portfolio is - via further development of existing products and the creation of new products - substantially expanding the success of Olympus Soft Imaging Solutions.

The PUM is to draw up a plan of business with various time axes, which takes the following into account: resources which are either already existent or to be extended; intimate knowledge of the market; the well-known requirements of associations and standards institutions; as well as detailed awareness of primary competitors. The PUM does have the necessary authority, mandate and responsibility for realizing the defined goals. The PUM is a 'semi-independent entrepreneur' within his/her own area. The short-term and long-term results will be the benchmarks used for evaluation.

The PUM has complete sovereignty over his/her time usage, but also the unrestricted obligation to the company to do everything within his/her power to attain the specified goals. The PUM is able to exercise both personnel and/or team responsibility for this group, which works interdisciplinarily.  Personnel responsibility in this case is disciplinary responsibility with a direct supervisory function; team responsibility is a coordinating function. The division of PUM portfolios ensures a focused approach, the transferal of decisions to the relevant channels and a dispersal of risk.