Christin Paszkiet

Christin Paszkiet

Field Reports

Office Administration

I've been working at OSIS since the beginning of 2007. I trained as a foreign language assistant, which made the international orientation of the company a really attractive. I get to apply things I learned during my training day-in/day-out. And I also learn new things every day.
Our tasks are much more extensive than your typical notion of what secretarial staff are up to – and also much more diverse than you might think. Of course we have the usual stuff that secretarial staff do on our to-do list. Anything having to do with the phone, taking care of our international guests and planning and organizing meetings and conferences. Furthermore, we make all travel reservations, do travel expense accounting and obtain visas for colleagues planning business trips abroad.

Our work requires extensive understanding of company processes and knowing who's in charge of what – along with a sense for priorities and urgency. At OSIS the Administration department is a kind of 'Information Hub'. We get all kinds of incoming information and then channel it in the right direction, passing it on to the appropriate employee. We make sure things run smoothly here on a daily basis. Whether colleagues need a company car right now, or presentation materials are needed in a meeting, a hotel room has to be booked or lunch needs organizing – we get it done.

Our tasks include co-responsibility for planning, execution and coordination of administrative processes at large meetings and company events. This includes making hotel reservations, organizing transportation and catering. I've got to say, that all in all, I like the diversity, excitement and responsibility my job entails.