Frank Wienhausen

Frank Wienhausen

Field Reports

Hardware Development Life Science Research

Developing a camera is one thing. But getting that camera ready for market launching is an entirely different kettle of fish. In my previous job I got to learn a lot regarding product development. This has come in handy in my job as development coordinator in the Life Science area. But not only that. Now I'm reaping the benefits of studying technical business administration with a specialization in technical marketing. This was something I did in a part-time study program after completing my degree in physical technology. The exacting internal as well as external quality specifications require specific and well coordinated planning – from the planning phase to when production takes over. Specific time planning is essential – especially when other companies are involved.

Optics has always been one of my 'hobbyhorses'. Laser application technology was the specialization I chose during my studies. After finishing university, I have been busy developing life-science optical-measurement devices and sensors at the Institute for Chemo- and Biosensory Technology in Münster, Germany. And now I'm involved in Life Science hardware produkcts development as well. And this means even more optics – as optics are the heart of may of our pdoucts. I am able to contribute a good deal of experience in this department and optimize existing processes.

Every individual on our team has unique skills, abilities and experience. Exchanging this information ensures that we can perfect our developmental processes. During discussions, one can learn a lot and also contribute one's own expertise. Talking with colleagues involved in developing light-microscope cameras is also a very stimulating experience. And the Olympus brand is synonymous with outstanding optics. Which brings me right back to what I enjoy doing.